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M. L. King is held high in esteem.
Racial harmony was his big theme.
With society a-glow
In a cultural rainbow,
Some day soon we will all live King's dream.
(Kirk Miller)

Said a fool whose mind was quite miniscule
As his ignorance reached a new pinnacle
“I don’t believe in astrology
It’s my ideology
But I’m a Leo and Leo’s are cynical.”

North Pole resident said with a sigh,
"You are right; I just cannot deny
From New Hampshire we stole
North Pole's motto. The whole
Phrase is just four words: "Live Freeze Or Die."
(Kirk Miller)

Student's grades, both his parents equated
To a failure and left him deflated.
Got two A's and two C's
On report card; can't please
Mom and dad. Grades just got him B-rated.
(Kirk Miller)

A prospector, gold on his brain
Sought ore, yielding nothing but pain
When nothing panned out
He thought, “There's no doubt
My efforts should all be in vein"
(Gary Hallock)

From her husband, the gal was estranged.
She came home and her kitchen had changed.
Her ex had just taken
The stove. She was shaken
And went crazy. The gal was de-ranged.
(Kirk Miller)

That tower of Pizza I've seen.
No, "Tower of Pisa," I mean
The difference is that
One make-a-you fat
The other? It make-a-you lean.
(Gary Hallock)

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