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When you’re young and you’re told you were bad,
Just write it all down on a pad.
After years have gone by,
You can read it and try
To re-live all the good times you had.
(Dave Johnson)

To McDonald's he went late one night
For a burger and French fries, despite
He undoubtedly knew
To avoid the drive thru.
He was curbing his appetite fight.
(Kirk Miller)

The prison was chock full of crooks,
Like the chef, in for cooking the books.
He'd been caught by the owner,
Who shouted this groaner:
"Fishy numbers! These aren't chinooks!"
(Madeleine Begun Kane)

Sailors' file sharing network won't fear
Prosecution from government here
'cause they have many sorts
Of connections at ports.
So their network is called pier-to-pier.
(Kirk Miller)

My spark plugs just told me they’re sad.
I asked them, “But what is so bad?”
“We’re homeless, you see,
But why should this be
When even the brakes have a pad?”
(Robert Schechter)

Man had thought he would like to compete
At the contest, endure intense heat
Because one of his goals
Was to walk on hot coals.
But the firewalker failed, got cold feet.
(Kirk Miller)

To climb Everest was his mission,
And he followed an old tradition.
For a guide, the man thought
Sherpa physically ought
To be one who's in peak condition.
(Kirk Miller)

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