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A woman walks into a pet store wanting to buy a songbird. As she's looking she hears this bird singing beautifully. She follows the sound of the song and sure enough, there in a cage is this cheerful songbird happily singing her little heart out. A sign read "One-thousand dollars for the pair."

She looked deeper into the cage and way in the back she saw this other haggard bird with its head down and he shaking his head left to right. The clerk came over and the woman said, "How much for just the songbird?" The clerk said, "I'm sorry, you'll have to buy the pair."

The woman said, "But that other bird is so haggard and looks so depressed and he's hanging his head and shaking it back and forth, and this bird is so happy and singing so beautifully . Why do I have to buy that other bird?"

And the clerk said, "Because he's the arranger."

Bonus Joke:

During rehearsal, the high school Music Director was beside himself. The cymbal player in the band was constantly coming in at the wrong time with his cymbal clash.

The young man maintained that his entry point gave a much better effect and that he wouldn't play it as written.

When the Music Director was asked by the Principal why he fired the young musician from the band, he replied, "It was a simple case of cymbal disobedience."

Extra Bonus Joke:

The orchestra was preparing to perform their annual benefit, but the orchestra leader was nowhere to be found. They delayed as long as possible, and finally decided to make do with what they had.

First they gave the baton to a fireman that happened to be at the concert hall, and told him to lead. Alas, he had no rhythm and the orchestra fell into disarray.

Then a doctor in the audience volunteered to give it a try, but he didn't have a feel for the dynamics and the music sounded too mechanical.

Finally a police officer saved the day. He took the baton and led the orchestra in, according to many in attendance, the best performance they could remember for years back!

Of course, it should have been obvious! The copper was the best conductor!

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